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Rotational extract on machines with numerical program control.
Thanks to development of new technology, equipment and the tool, the automated rotational extract added and expanded a range of modern methods of production of hollow axisymmetric
details. On our equipment it is possible to make details with a diameter up to 1250 mm, simple or irregular shape, from the soft and heavy-duty hardly processed plastic materials.
For their production usually are required unique the press or special types of stamping. The processing which is often offered by us is the only way of production difficult
the details having the form of bodies of rotation.

The main advantages of a rotational extract in comparison with stamping on pressa:
- Universality and ample technological capabilities of process;
- Simplicity and low cost of equipment and tool;
- A possibility of processing by cutting and plastic deformation on one machine;
- High concentration of operations and a possibility of final production of difficult products on one workplace.
Equipment cost for a rotational extract makes 5-10% of the cost of tool stamps, and weight in comparison with the weight of stamps - about 15-20%, and sometimes less.
Thanks to its introduction terms of preparation of production decrease at 10-15 times.
The details made by method of a rotational extract on machines with ChPU completely conform to requirements imposed for stamped products.
The LTD. will rehabilitate, the Ltd company makes details by method of a rotational extract on machines with ChPU with a diameter up to 1250 mm:

Information is up-to-date: 31.12.2020

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